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My name's Jim. 20. I'm from Detroit, MI.
I'm a student, athlete, martial artist, fighter, coffee addict, card shark, comic book fan, movie aficionado, cigar enthusiast, a religious reader, struggling insomniac, and worst of all a conservative catholic.

I blog what I like. Don't be shy, I reply to everything in my inbox.

24. April 2014





I can’t believe I watched that whole thing. Smh. That’s how I know I am.

where are the notes

we fucking broke it, guys

(via twistedtruestory)

Anonymous asked: Is it normal for guys in healthy relationships to still check out or fantasize about other girls?

Absolutely. It’s normal for girls to still checkout other dudes, regardless of who they’re with. You just need to realize that it’s just a human reaction, and trust the person you’re with. If you can’t do that you shouldn’t be with him/her anyways.